MAETRIX Communications

A Modern Internet

MAETRIX Communications is expanding service choices in rural Southern Oregon by delivering modern internet connectivity to communities that cable hasn't reached and satellite or DSL is not adequately serving.

As a local business we know how under-served our rural communities are. Help us help everybody, and let's get rural Oregon connected!

Learn how local providers can do better and connect with us today!



Residents can find fast and reliable internet service options from MAETRIX Communications. Our fixed wireless internet provides a fast connection no matter what you're doing. Our engineers specialize in delivering the best internet so you can stream, game and video-chat without concerns of buffering or lost connections. No internet service is perfect, but that means we can also provide the best support services as well! Our technical support staff are also available to resolve any problems you encounter.


If you need phone services our Voice services are also available anywhere we serve internet! We can also port your phone number from any provider you currently have!



MAETRIX Communications also provides dedicated high-speed internet links and phone services for businesses.

Business internet connectivity is delivered with equipment separate from residential connections, so your bandwidth is not shared with anyone else the way it is on the other provider's networks. You get what you pay for morning, noon and night!

Our phone services can also provide voice access whether you have two phones in your store or a thousand phones in a call center.

When you get your business-grade dedicated internet, feel free to also contact our solutions division for a quote on optimizing your network with the new services!